Friday, May 2, 2014

New Jersey’s Breast Density Notification Law Goes Into Effect

Women in New Jersey  who have mammograms will also get a letter informing them about breast density due to the new law passed requiring patients to be informed on the topic.

New Jersey is not the first to pass this law, in fact 14 other states are now requiring radiologist to tell their patients that dense breasts can mask tumors. This is sue to the way the tissue appears on a mammogram. Like tumors, dense tissue shows up white on the scan, unlike fat which appears black. Because of this, the law also requires insurance companies to raise coverage for addition screenings such as an ultrasound, breast MRI, and/or a 3D mammogram if the patients mammogram shows dense breast tissue or if they have additional breast cancer risk factors. However, additional testing may be subject to utilization review for medical necessity to determine coverage.