Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Stay Active During Winter Holidays

We typically eat more and exercise less during the holidays. If we get too much out of balance with our food intake and our activity output, it can be easy to add on the "holiday weight" or make it more difficult to get back into your workout routine.  To help keep this winter holiday season active follow these simple tips from

Go out and play! If you can't seem to muster the energy to work out this time of year, try "playing" instead. The best part about playing is that it doesn't feel like working out—though you can still get your heart rate up. Snow activities, such as a snowball fight or building a snowman can burn 300 calories an hour! Ice skating, an activity you can do indoors or outdoors, can burn more than 450 calories per hour—and it's a blast!

Take up a winter sport. If you're a competitive type, why not try a winter sport?  From skiing to snowshoeing, there are many great options that burn mega calories and put a whole new twist on your cold-weather workout plans.

Get creative at home. Sure, getting to the gym can be more of a hassle when it is cold outside, but never use snowy weather as an excuse to miss your daily exercise. Instead, try a new workout DVD, or invest in a few pieces of gym equipment. Exercising at home can be a convenient solution to staying on track.

Try something new. By trying something new, you reignite your motivation for fitness, even in the cold weather! Try indoor volleyball or boot camp classes. Participating in a regular activity that you've paid for, or have teammates counting on you to play in, is a fantastic way to stay active in the winter time. You might even make some new friends or learn some new skills.

Set a big goal—and some little goals. It can be anything from losing those last 10 pounds, to running a 5K, but choose a goal that you really want and that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone to reach it. Setting a realistic goal that you then break down into smaller, achievable action steps is a great way to start.

Get excited. If you've never been a winter fan, start focusing on what you do love about it and how this time of year provides new opportunities for your fitness and health. From eating delicious in-season produces, such as oranges and kale, to curling up with a big mug of sugar-free hot cocoa  after a long workout, there is much to love about winter when you embrace and appreciate it.

While there are many great workout options this winter, be sure you always stay safe no matter what you do—especially if you decide to enjoy the winter weather outdoors.

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