Wednesday, September 16, 2015

AMI Spotlight: Brick Township Office

The AMI Spotlight is focused on our Brick Township office located in the Kinetic Medical Park at 455 Jack Martin Boulevard. Dr. Sheldon Kaplan is the Medical Director and Dr. Marshall Koven is the Assistant Medical Director. This office is one of two Atlantic Medical Imaging offices in Brick – the AMI Women's Imaging Center is located just up the street at 495 Jack Martin Boulevard.
At the Brick 455 office, we have a 1.2T high-field open MRI, the Hitachi Oasis.  This is a truly open MRI unit for patients who have had challenges tolerating exams in the traditional closed-type MRI unit. This MRI can accommodate claustrophobic, anxious, pediatric and large sized patients (up to 660lbs).  In addition to MRI, we offer CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, echocardiogram and x-ray exams.  Depending on the particular test, we will tailor our imaging to accommodate the specific needs of each patient.
For office hours and directions to this office, click HERE!
Continue to check back to learn more about Dr. Kaplan, Dr. Koven and the staff of this office!

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