Friday, November 20, 2015

AMI Spotlight: Galloway MRI & CT Staff

The MRI and CT staff of the Galloway Office are in the AMI Spotlight. Their goal is to provide each patient with the best imaging experience possible by providing excellent patient care.

Meet Jackie (left) and Erica (center) our MRI technologists, and Subrina (right) the MRI technical aide. As a team, they assist each patient through their exam and answer any questions they may have. 
As MRI technologists, Jackie and Erica take pride in providing excellent images for the radiologists to read. Both of them have been working at AMI for over ten years and look forward to seeing their co-workers and meeting patients. When Jackie isn't working, she enjoys being active with her yoga community and spending time with her family.  Erica likes to travel when she has time off, and spends time with her niece and nephew.   

Subrina has been with AMI for 12 years. She is always happy to meet patients and prepare them for their MRI exam. Subrina's goal is to make the patients feel comfortable, knowing an MRI can be intimidating.When she is not at work, Subrina spends time surrounded by family. Together they enjoy being outdoors, going on quad rides through the woods, fishing and taking their three rescue dogs on long walks.

Meet the CT technologists of the Galloway office, Jacqui (left) and Nicole (right). Jacqui has been with AMI for 3 years and Nicole has been with AMI for 2 years. They both do their best making sure patients are comfortable and well informed about their exam. Jacqui and Nicole believe the friendly work environment and sense of family in the Galloway office is what makes their job so rewarding. 

When they are not working, Jacqui stays fit by doing cross-fit and Nicole enjoys surfing when the weather is nice.

The next time you visit the Galloway office for an MRI or CT scan, be sure to say hello to our technologists. They look forward to meeting you! 

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